Company / History




Current Chairman Romano Bettinardi set up the Better Silver business, working from a small garage in Bressanvido in this year.
After the early years spent learning the trade, enthusiasm and desire to break into overseas markets took Better Silver into the American market.




The product range began to change from a few traditional models to a generous variety in order to satisfy customer requirements. Huge market for bead chain allowed the company ramp up its expansion process and so the first production facility was set up. Increasing demand, company growth and a need for bigger premises led to the first factory being expanded.
Shortly after, the second production facility had to be built because of overwhelming demand for the product.



Along with its structural growth the company decided to diversify its product range and thus focussed part of its investments into manufacturing semi-finished product. With its new semi-finished products Better Silver further diversified its range by starting to manufacture elegant design items that could be sold as matching sets.
As manufacturing was increasingly internationalised, a large-scale product electroplating system was purchased and a manufacturing facility opened in Romania, which still works in total synergy with the Vicenza facility today.
The online store website,, was launched. Better Silver SpA’s digital transformation began with the advent of Web 2.0.



An important milestone for the company and the family who run it. It was the year that a generational transition took place. Sons Paolo and Andrea took their places on the Board of Directors alongside Chairman and founder Romano Bettinardi, with a view to become actively involved in the Commercial Office and Production Management respectively.



Guided by the management skills of Chairman Romano Bettinardi, assisted by his sons Paolo and Andrea, the running of Better Silver was based on the synergic action of 6 operational areas – production, sales, marketing, administration, research & development and customer care – each one entrusted to a team of professionals. Careful selection of those teams is the result of the special importance that the company has always attributed to the value of its human resources, a unique asset in terms of ideas and skills.



Focus on the environment led the company to modify its investments, channelling a portion of corporate assets into the construction of two photovoltaic systems, 175 kWh and 131 kWh. Ongoing investment in human, organisational and structural capital gave birth to important innovations such as “Silver Plus”, an electroplating treatment which slows the silver oxidation process down considerably. Work began on extending a new building ready to house new investments.



The BETTER SILVER DIGITAL concept was born: the company combined computerized and digital resources to provide enhanced services for its customers.

  • Better Silver App for iPad was launched, an app that shifts company product cataloguing to a digital support; the app cultivated increased internal efficiency and is a user friendly tool that lets the customers make selections, request quotations and place orders from their iPad.
  • Microsoft CRM system, installed in the company in 2008, is today used in a synergic, co-ordinated manner by all company staff, guaranteeing optimal market requirement management
  • ERP system, which controls all internal company processes, from order collection to shipment intersected with the specifics of each individual item
  • Company Management, a Business Intelligence tool that harvests and analyses strategic information.



years of work have paved the way for the company feeling ready to market its own fashion jewellery brand. ROMA 1947 is today’s new creation.